Come in these doors to worship...
Leave these doors to serve

We are so excited about the way God is moving in our church! He is restoring those who were broken, refreshing us with his love, and saving those who were once lost! We invite you to become a part of our church family, and to see for yourself what God is doing. Come worship with us!


                                                               Dance class
                                Every Tuesday evening
                         6 P.M to 8 P.M  $3.00 per person


Christ Church Objectives

  • To exalt Jesus Christ as Lord in lifestyle, worship and ministry.

  • To minister to and serve people; not just operate 

  • To foster church health and to see our influence for 
    Jesus Christ expand as a direct result.

  • To reach the unsaved with the Gospel of Jesus Christ.

  • To effectively discipline all believers.

  • To mentor and train people and enable them to 
    become involved in meaningful ministry.